Our colleague post doc Anne van Valkengoed and senior psychology lecturer at the University of Gothenburg Magnus Bergquist will be the guest editors of a special issue of Journal of Environmental Psychology on climate change adaptation.

From the call for papers page:

“The aim of this special issue is to demonstrate the critical contribution environmental psychologists can make to understanding and accelerating climate change adaptation. We do so by showcasing research that demonstrates the different ways in which psychologists can study adaptation. We define adaptation behaviour as behaviours that aims to avoid or reduce the negative impacts of climate hazards such as rising sea levels, extreme weather events, vector-borne diseases, water scarcity, and biodiversity loss. Adaptation behaviour differs from mitigation behaviour (or pro-environmental behaviour) as its aim is not to reduce climate change itself via minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, but to adjust to and cope with the consequences of climate change.”

Topics of interest for this special issue include:

  • How knowledgeable are laypeople with the concept of climate change adaptation?
  • How do people perceive and experience extreme weather events and other climate hazards?
  • What are the psychological drivers and barriers to engaging in adaptation behaviour?
  • Which interventions are more or less effective in promoting adaptation behaviour?
  • How can research on scarcity be advanced and applied to adaptation issues such as freshwater and food scarcity?
  • When and why do people support adaptation policies?
  • How do people collectively adapt to climate change on the macro level (e.g., within neighbourhoods, communities, or cities)?
  • How does adaptation behaviour relate to mitigation behaviour?

The submission deadline is 31 December. For more information about the special issue, visit the call for papers page at Science Direct.

Photo by Pixabay

Meta-analyses of factors motivating climate change adaptation behaviour

Van Valkengoed, A. M., & Steg, L.
Nature climate change, 9(2), 158-163