We’ve got a podcast!

Science communications is urgently needed to share the insights fromt the ground-breaking research being done in the field of environmental psychology. Reaching fellow academics with our work is gratifying and helps to further the field of study, but enabling a wider audience to have access to that same information matters just as much.

That’s why we’re launching a podcast! Our communications officer and communication intern have been working hard behind the scenes this spring to create it, and today is our official launch day. We thought there could be no better symbolic day to launch our show about environmental psychology than today: Earth Day (22 April).

We’ll be speaking with senior staff, postdocs and PhD candidates from our own department about the work they are doing, with topics covering the role of the grid in the energy transition, citizen assemblies and public participaton, social tipping points for pro-environmental behaviour, climate anxiety and adaptation, and many more.

The Environmental Psychology Groningen podcast will publish once or twice a month, and each episode will feature a conversation with one of the researchers from our group about what they are working on and how it plays a role in pro-environmental behaviour.

No matter what your background or level of knowledge of the field of environmental psychology, we hope this show will serve as an introduction, refresher, source of inspiration and call to action from this extremely relevant and wide-ranging discipline.

You can watch the first episode on our YouTube channel, or you can listen to the audio version via Acast. Please subscribe and follow us on whichever platform you prefer so you won’t miss any future episodes.

Thanks for listening and watching, and let us know what you think!