We’ve just had a couple of new researchers join our team over the past month, so we wanted to take a moment to introduce all of the great academics who have become a part of our expertise group this academic year!

Bas Ankone, PhD:

Bas’ research focuses on policy acceptance of activities that happen in the deep underground. And as part of TNO’s Advisory Group for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, he also studies how to improve governmental decision making through public participation in the policy-making process.

Anne Eichholtzer, post doc:

Anne is working with the SPEAK UP project, which aims to improve collaborations and communication between governments and citizens, in particular through citizen panels. The research focuses on promoting constructive dialogue among participants with diverse viewpoints (e.g., backgrounds, opinions) and investigates how these panels can enable the integration of different positions and avoid polarization.

Philipp Eppe, PhD:

Philipp’s research aims to understand psychological factors that influence the adoption of sustainable technologies, focusing on hydrogen technologies and corporate decision-makers. This involves translating psychological theories into agent-based models to contribute to more realistic simulations that can serve as decision-support tools for stakeholders in transition processes.

Lisa Hof, PhD:

Lisa is a new PhD student who will be working  with associate professor Lise Jans and post doc Anne van Valkengoed in collaboration with Spatial Planning on an interdisciplinary project studying Climate Advocacy for community-based climate adaptation in the northern Netherlands.

Silpa Kumar, PhD:

Silpa is part of the GUIDE-BEST (Growing Understanding of Individual Drivers of Expectations and Behaviours to Enhance Sustainable Tourism in Antarctica) research project at the Univeristy of Groningen’s Arctic Centre. GUIDE-BEST aims to understand the complex interactions between spatial expansion, trip characteristics, intensification and diversification of tourism operations as well as how these affect visitor experience and, ultimately, tourist behaviour. 

Alifa Putri, PhD:

Alifa is looking into how climate change impacts mental health and pro-environmental behaviour, specifically in the global south. In the coming months, she’ll be carrying out qualitative research about pro-environmental behaviour and well-being in Indonesia.