In the press

In the press

Science Alert: Two Psychologists Say Your Climate Anxiety Isn't Actually About Personal Risk

By Clare Watson - Are you feeling anxious about climate change? You're not alone. Psychology researchers Anne van Valkengoed and Linda Steg make the case that the sickening anxiety many people feel about how fast Earth is heating up is a "healthy and empathetic" response to the incalculable loss of millions of species and human lives that we're told is in the cards.

The Conversation: Most people already think climate change is ‘here and now’, despite what we’ve been told

By Ben Newell - The idea that climate change is perceived as “psychologically distant” – happening in the future, in distant places, to other people or animals – has long been presented as a major barrier to action on climate change. New research in the journal One Earth by behavioural scientists at the University of Groningen now challenges it.

Grist: A common talking point about climate change gets it all wrong, new study says

By Kate Yoder - Common wisdom says that the average person doesn’t care about climate change because they think its effects will unfold in the far-off future or in faraway places. While this approach feels right, its success has been “vastly overestimated,” according to a study published in the journal One Earth on Friday.

AD Kantelpunt: In 2030 rijden we allemaal elektrisch en zo bereiken we dat

Met Sacha de Boer - In 2030 mogen er geen auto's meer verkocht worden die rijden op fossiele brandstoffen. De productie daarvan kan door de Nederlandse overheid (wereldwijd) niet worden tegengehouden. Maar de verkoop van deze 'oude' auto's wordt wel aan banden gelegd. Wat kun jij anno 2023 al doen om dit proces te versnellen?

Trouw: Wetenschappers zijn klaar met ‘aarzelend’ klimaatbeleid en komen met oplossingen

De afgelopen kabinetten pakten de klimaatcrisis te soft aan, zeggen twaalf prominente klimaatwetenschappers. In een brief spreken ze hun ongenoegen daarover uit. Ook geven ze de politiek mee hoe beter klimaatbeleid wél mogelijk is.

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