Our research themes

Our research themes

Explaining environmental behaviour

We study which factors influence pro-environmental actions, including values (i.e., biospheric, altruistic, egoistic and hedonic values), climate beliefs, environmental self-identity, social identity, norms, emotions and contextual barriers.

Behaviour change

We study the effect of various interventions, such as pricing policies and different types of information provision on pro-environmental behavior (like sustainable energy use, recycling, and plant-based diets).

Bottom up initiatives

We study which factors encourage engagements in community-based energy initiatives, and to what extent such engagement promotes sustainable energy behaviour.

Public acceptability

We study which factors affect the acceptability of environmental policies and system changes, including their perceived costs and benefits, the perceived fairness of policies and changes, public participation, and trust in the competence and integrity of responsible agents.

Public participation

Our research into public participation focuses on how to best design citizen participation in decision-making and policy formulation within the realms of energy and climate.

Environmental stress and eco-anxiety

We study which factors cause environmental stress and eco-anxiety, and how such stress and anxiety affect individuals’ actions and well-being. Among others, we studied the impacts of earthquakes in Groningen and climate change on adaptative actions and well-being.

Quality of life

We study how environmental conditions and pro-environmental actions affect individuals’ quality of life. Among others, we found that pro-environmental actions can promote well-being (eudaemonia), and that people perceive possibilities to change for the better when they have to deal with climate risks (transilience).

Sustainable transitions

Researchers in our group investigate what motivates people to contribute to sustainable transitions in different domains, including energy use, mobility, logistics, circular economy, and planetary health.

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